Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Is A Public Insurance Adjuster?
A public adjuster advocates for the policy holder in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim.  A public adjuster is the only person who can legally represent the insured during a claims process.  They make sure that the final settlement is fair to the policy holder.

Q:  What Is  A Company Adjuster?
A company adjuster is hired by the insurance company and is generally there to make sure that the claim is settled to the insurance company’s liking, which is often times less than what your property is worth and not in your favor.  They exist to save the insurance company money in the long run.

Q:  Can I Hire You If My Claim Was Denied?
Yes.  If your claim was denied, we can negotiate with your insurance company to reopen the claim and fight them to pay for your damages.

Q:  Will I Get A Higher Claim If I Use A Public Adjuster?
Almost always.  We make sure your claim will be presented much more favorably and with careful attention to your policy coverage.  The more detailed and thorough your claim information is, the greater the likelihood that you will get a higher settlement in the end.

Q:  Am I At Risk Of Having My Policy Canceled If I Use A Public Adjuster?
Absolutely not.  It is a violation for any insurance company to discriminate against you for using your state given rights.

Q:  How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Public Adjuster?
There is a small fee which is a percentage of the final settlement cost.  This is regulated by the state in which the loss occurred.

Q:  When Should I Call Statewide Adjusters?
You should call us right after your loss.  It will give us more time to assess any damage and to thoroughly write things up to negotiate with your insurance company.  Call us now at 732-856-1222 to get the process started.

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