Be it frozen pipe leaks, broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backup, water entering from an opening in roofs and other elevations of a building due to heavy or driven rain, we will make sure you get the claim you need to replace your belongings and repair & remediate any damage done by floods.  Water damage and flood damage are often thought of as the same thing. In fact, they can be completely different with one being covered and one excluded under common property insurance policies. We will make sure you do not make this mistake and use the proper terminology.  

The single most important thing to have done after an instance of water damage is to begin emergency mitigation.  We will arrange to have a restoration company come to your home and remove all wet items and dry out your home so no further damage is incurred.

In the result of sewerage or other chemical toxins being released in your home from a flood, simply drying out the structure will not solve the problem.  We will take this into account when assessing your damage so that appropriate mitigation can be done to make your dwelling safe and your claim is adjusted in accordance.

We also  understand the rules in which FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Programs pays out damage so that you won’t get stuck with a surprise bill or lien on your property.  Ever since Superstorm Sandy, these rules have become rather confusing.  See them here. 

We will make sure that all damages are photographed and properly documented for your insurance company.  Water damage experts will use things like moisture detectors, hygrometers, and the use of infrared cameras to determine the exact location of the water.  We will prepare inventories and values of all your belongings that were damaged in your water disaster.  We then write building damage reports so that your insurance provider has proper records of everything to properly assess your claim.  

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