Burglary / Vandalism

Many homeowners insurance policies do in fact cover burglary and vandalism.  While similar in process to other claims adjustment procedures, there are some specifics that differ when dealing with theft or vandalism.  Although very common, they are some of the most complicated claims to resolve.  We will make it easier.

We will get a copy of the police report of your theft or vandalism to show to the insurance company.  We will also track down proof for any stolen property to prove its value and that you actually owned the property when it was stolen.  The insurance company will rely heavily on any documented methods to prove you owned any stolen property.  This can be in the form of pictures, video, receipts, credit card statements, appraisals, or basically anything proving you owned the objects.  We will also re-create the scene of any areas where the break in or theft occurred.  

We will also perform a detailed review of your insurance policy to see how it handles theft or vandalism and take any necessary steps to ensure that your are not low-balled or denied by your insurance provider.  

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