Ice & Snow

Ice and snow can cause many headaches for homeowners.  From septic system freeze up, frozen pipes, roof damage or collapse and tree damage and wires coming down, we will fight to make sure you can cover the damage.

If snow and ice damage happens to you it is important to follow some immediate first steps to ensure your safety.  First move to a safe place and call 911 if you have received structural damage or wires are down.  Live wires may pose an electrical hazard.  If you have burst pipes, turn off the water valve if you can do so safely.  Lastly, document all immediate damage with photos and make a list.

We will make sure that all damage is properly documented for your insurance company to review and assess.  We make sure that clear photos are taken of all the damage and then everything is properly documented in a clear and organized way so that there are no questions about what happened.   We will also write building reports and recommend licensed contractors to come and restore any damage done to your property. 

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