Tree vs. House

Fallen tree damage is quite a common occurrence in the insurance world.  The combination of stronger storms, and the preservation of large trees during initial construction have added to a rise in tree damage recently.  

Our primary concern in the instance of tree damage is the safety of the homeowner.  Since fallen trees can shift and move, a significant safety hazard is present.  We will make sure to make arrangements to have a professional tree removal service come and remove the tree.  If you need temporary housing, we will also help to make arrangements to have that done for you while your home is being repaired.

We will make a thorough  inspection of both the inside and outside of your home to document any damage including water intrusion, drips, and cracks to plaster or drywall.  If water intrusion is present, we will make sure to ensure that further damage is avoided.  We will take detailed photos of the tree, the surrounding areas, and the resulting damage both inside and outside of your home and make sure everything is properly documented to send to your insurance provider.  We will also make the proper assessments and precautions to make sure that your insurance provider does not attempt to claim “negligence”  (that you didn’t take proper care of the tree, causing it to fall) which might lessen or deny your claim amount. 


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