What We Cover

We look out for your best interests and make sure that your insurance provider pays out a claim that will properly cover any damages from fires, flood, lightning, snow, trees, vandalism, hurricanes, and more. 


From candle mishaps, to electrical issues, we make sure your dwelling and belongings can be properly replaced in the event of a fire.


Be it coastal, lake, river or rain, we will make sure you get the claim you need to replace your belongings and repair & remediate any damage done by floods.

Ice & Snow

Ice and snow can cause many headaches for homeowners. From collapsed roofs to fallen trees, we will fight to make sure you can cover the damage.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can crack and burst. We will assess the situation and make sure your insurance company is fair in your claim to replace any damage.

Burglary / Vandalism

Many homeowners insurance policies do in fact cover burglary and vandalism. We will assess your policy and speak to your provider to make sure the damage or theft is covered.


We will assess the language in your policy, inspect the damage and then negotiate with your insurance provider to make sure they do the right thing.

Tree vs. House

You insurance provider may claim “negligence” in fallen tree damage. We will represent your situation and for any damage from fallen trees to be properly covered.


Not only can electrical installations be damaged, but lightning can also cause fires. We will make sure you get a substantial claim to replace the full value of any damage.


Many insurance providers will try to get out of paying full claims in Hurricane situations. We will make sure that they act fairly and just to replace any flood, wind, tree/debris damage to your home due to hurricanes.

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