Lightning damage involves several similar claims procedures to other disasters, but there are a few things that require special attention.  Not only can electrical infrastructures be damaged, but lightning can also cause fires.  We will make sure you get a substantial claim to replace the full value of any damage.

Besides the secondary fire that lightning can cause, the resulting surge from a lightning strike can damage and destroy a large amount of electronic equipment and appliances.  Sometimes not immediately noticed, the damage done can be catastrophic  to computers, phone systems, appliances, and the general electrical infrastructure of your dwelling.  If a business relies on these systems, it can also result in a significant loss of money.

We will assess where the electrical surge originated  by having a licensed electrical engineer assess your property and electrical system.  We will then take inventories of all damaged property and their assessed values along with detailed pictures of all the visible damage.  We will make sure that your insurance company has all the information they need to give you a an appropriate settlement.  We will negotiate that claim so that you can replace your damaged electronics and replace your damaged electrical infrastructure or any loss of business income you may have incurred from loss of productivity or data.

In the instance of fire from lightning damage, please see our section on Fire Damage Claims.

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